Say hi to our incredibly talented team! We put together the best of the best to help your business.

Our People

The best results come from mixing people (and dogs) from different backgrounds into the dream team.

This is our team, we wake up everyday excited to change the world and help our partners (we call our clients our partners), grow their businesses and expand their digital assets! We look forward to being your marketing firm: We master SEO and paid advertising.

Team member Jeremy Jackson
Pierre Subeh
Founder and CEO
Team member Amanda Jones
Eduardo Bordones
Head of Graphic Design
Team member Martin Robinson
Mia, 'the office dog'
Head of Fun at X
Team member Nicholas Johnson
Celina Subeh
Head of Content Curation
Team member David Anderson
Ginette Meseron
Head of Sales and Strategy
Team member Timothy Taylor
Rivaldo Da Camara
Head of Campaign Success
Team member Sarah Thompson
Fairouz Saker
Head of Legal Auditing
Team member Andrew Harris
Claudia Rios
Head of Partnerships & Integrations
Team member Rebecca Moore
Justin Ruiter
Head of Video Content
Team member Joseph Wilson
Gabriel Goilo
Head of Financial Risk
Team member Christopher Miller
Orly Entice
Head of Systems Automation
Team member Ryan Robinson
Annie Huang
Head of Consumer Behavior
We're Proudly Inclusive

We are always expanding our team and looking for passionate new members who bring diversity and uniqueness to the table. Join us today, jobs@xfirm.io

Working with us offers the best benefits in the market including an entire setup powered by Apple devices and annual group trips*


Read what our happy clients say before you join their midst.

Testimonial David Miller
Matt Plotnik
Global Head of Marketing / Apple Music
"The team at X Firm helped us grow Apple Music to the Caribbean markets through their brilliant SEO and paid ads omni-channel strategies."
Testimonial Mark Rosst
Claire Sealy
General Manager / Captain Don's
"Pierre and his team at X helped us take a 45+ year legacy as a dive resort online, securing our marketshare and making our investors happy. "
Testimonial Jennifer Williams
Lori (Bourne) Neubauer
Partnerships Director // Starbucks
"Starbucks benefited greatly from working with the X team as they helped us reach new markets while helping us control costs."
Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
Head Illustration